Saturday, January 31, 2015


Salvaged lead is my latest great discovery to get excited about. Bought in sheets by the weight (indescribably heavy, I struggled to get a small roll of it to the car). Worth it though. I can see myself using this for a while to come. The magic is in it's pliability. For despite it's weight/strength it's actually really soft and can be cut with general use scissors.

This duality is fascinating to me - heaviness as a strength and a weakness - as though at a certain point it might not support it's own weight. I intend to use it in form as the 'Marquee' /circus element for Medicine Chest III as well as the first aid cross (see top image) signalling the decline of liberal individualist democracy, a social order giving way to it's own weight as the illusions and fantasies (regarding the self determining individual) which underwrite it make themselves known for what they are.

Cue: anarchy.

Importantly it also has the rusted and raw industrial patina of urban decay symbolic of anarchy.

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