Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Winter is upon us.

Flu, always catches me just before we can say the Autumn is over and Winter has begun. Just catching on to that pattern and this year prepared. Not in any practical way - what way is there? Buying extra tissues? - just....aware.
Anyway too sick to do any really meaningful work, shifting the mass of the undone and all that but played around with x rays and photoshop. I like this - using a brush filter with accented edges. 

Monday, May 12, 2014


Work seems to have gotten lost a little these past six weeks. Much frustration in April and May - known in these parts (well, probably just this household) - for how sick I get with the change of seasons. But while work is not getting done in practice it continues to unfold in my head so that at least when the moment arrives I can hit the ground running. Having said that I have done some non demanding stuff like painting frames. The frames are a funny, lucky thing for having got on ebay - 10 for $37.00. I went halves with my friend Julie - an artist whose daughter bought them up from Melbourne. All the good salvage stuff comes from Melbourne. When my own daughter is old enough I plan to position her in Melbourne just as Julie has been clever to do, so that I can easy access these treasures. I am sure she would enjoy it down there. I can't see why not.... 
Anyway the frames were pretty ugly/tacky with their unusual metallic glaze type finnish. Only one was gorgeous enough to keep as is. All the others got the treatment.

Chalk board black - I'm obsessed and have to hold myself back from covering everything I come accross in it. I love the matt finish. And red too, as usual getting a look in. Red and black - will I ever escape your hold on me????

The frames in their original lustre. I don't think this photo quite does justice to their true tackiness.

Sickness or not, I hope to get into the workshop this week (ie dad's garage) and resume some of the core assemblage making. That, my dear blog, will be true progress.