Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Emerging Contemporaries.

These photographs of the Emerging Contemporaries exhibition are by Andrew Sikorski of Art Atelier Photography. Andrew's online photographic magazine Life In Canberra caught my eye a couple of years ago with a photo essay on the life line book fair, not an event I imagined would lend itself to his quietly poetic black and white style. While my experience of the lifeline book fair is of queues, crowds and an only just tempered jostling, Andrew managed to somehow capture the event from the point of view of the books - a dignifying process, otherwise lost in that atmosphere of competition and trade. Anyway I've been a fan ever since so how happy for me that I now get to see my own work through his lens - a quiet and contemplative perspective, a step removed and layered over the drama and colour of my own approach.
By chance too that is myself in the top photo reflected by the mirror!

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