Saturday, April 2, 2011

Six Weeks Down.

Hard to believe I've made it through the first six weeks of my course, having completed the Sculpture and Printmaking components, simply because I didn't think I would.. I can't believe how intense the course is. Part of me wishes the pace was slower but if I'm honest another part of me is exhilarated by the challenge and having my skills pushed ahead like this. I worked really hard to complete the artists book that was to 'showcase' our lino efforts, thinking I would reward myself with some sewing projects afterwards but no time for that as it's right into the deep end now with painting - yikes! - and on goes the pace.......  I wish I could put up some photos of what I've done (the sculpture of my head - now abstracted in a surrealist style - to scare you and the bookmaking/lino print project because I really like it) but our main computer is out of action due to a virus (the whole thing now has to be emptied out and rebuilt) and I can't access my photos. I've had to satisfy myself with this beautiful image pinched from an Abundance recent post. Worth a visit there as Mady always has the most beautiful and inspiring images.
Another thing I'd like to put up is the zine I've made for the printmaking course. The first one I've ever made which was a lot of fun and exciting since I've always loved zines, though not done one myself. I'm even taking my teachers advice and have signed up for the Canberra Zine fair next week to try and make myself a neat $4.50. Oh all right, I hope to sell more than one, I can't lie, but if I make enough to buy a frivolous fashion magazine then I'll be happy. Actually I really want to read the book We Have Met The Enemy (have you heard of it?) about excess, temptation and addiction in our culture so I think I'll aim for that which will mean selling 8 of the little things. So wish me luck. I'll try and post it during the week (if only my partner could just get that little bit nerdier and fix the virus....). Hope you are having a great weekend.